OSHA Certified Evaluations

Establish an ergonomic standardization program to allow for quick and smooth solutions.

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Standard ergonomic evaluation

The objective is to reach a neutral position with proper posture and alignment. I begin by taking a before photo and looking for areas of risk. After identifying the possible risks we can recommend possible solutions. Many times the solution is education. I use the standard OSHA forms and can customize reports for Human Resources as desired. I finish with a photo.

Standing Alternative Solutions

If it is determined that a standing environment is best, there are several alternatives. I present solutions that consider the existing work place, either cubicles or conventional desks and offer ideas that meet the criteria. Different levels of budgets can be met by reviewing different avenues.

Mobile evaluation

More of our time is spent using mobile devices in today’s business environment. Tablets, laptops and smartphones all offer various levels of risk. Proper work habits and education can solve many of these issues.

Aging workforce issues

Many of our office employees today have pasted their 50th birthday. Correct support for reduction of stress and muscle tension can improve productivity and increase morale.

A person with a disability need a special environment

I have experience working with people needing evaluations to accommodate their personal situation.

Vehicle evaluations

If your employees spend their shift in a vehicle, the potential for ergonomic issues exist. Individual observations are key to reaching the best recommendation.

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