Sit Stand Solutions

There is a movement in our modern office to have computer workstations with a standing option. There are several common sense solutions. The correct solution may depend on the size or existing equipment of the user.

The following suggestions may need to be combined to reach a satisfactory result.

  1. Implement a “Sit Stand Keyboard”. By installing a keyboard that allows for standing and sitting, the user can easily change the height of the working position. A good “Sit Stand Keyboard” will allow up to 8¼ inches for the standing position and still allow a lower position for sitting. This method is good for shared workstations and is flexible without changing the furniture. Depending on the size and number of monitors, monitor arms may be necessary to have the monitor at the correct height.
  2. Using an adjustable height work surface is sometimes the least costly solution. Adjustable legs can be incorporated into a cubicle environment or a stand-alone table. This allows the work surface height to range from 24 3/4 inches to 48 7/16 inches. The table can be manual or electric.
  3. Another solution is a device that sits on top of the work surface. This has become a popular way to provide a standing option. Unfortunately, it doesn’t always meet both sitting and standing criteria. It also takes up most of the work surface area and the user loses space. Sometimes other items are moved out of the way and that cause unnecessary reaching, another challenge for proper ergonomic alignment.

An ergonomic standardization program can help management reach the healthy environment goals with a budget minded solution.